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[b][COLOR=DarkGreen]Here are the coffee enema instructions:[/COLOR][/b]

*obtain a plastic enema bucket from your local med supply store.
*grind some organic coffee [about 4 tablespoons]
*boil softly in 8 oz of distilled water for at least 5 minutes.
*strain coffee and add mix with 16 oz of distilled water to make 24 oz in
bucket. the temp should be warm but NOT hot.
*allow coffee to flow to the end of the tube, then clamp.
*lube the end of the tube with a bit of liquid soap or shampoo
*put a towel on the floor with the bucket about 20 inches higher than your
body [a toilet seat is about the right height, and quite conveniently located as well]
*lie on your right side
*put the tube about 2 inches into the ol' chute [this may take practice], then release the clamp
*now relax! it will take about 5 minutes for the bucket to empty
* when coffee is in, remove tube and lie flat on your back, occasionally
shifting to your left or right side [or whatever is comfortable] for up to 10 more minutes. breathe slowly and deeply and relax during this time!
*sit on the toilet and let nature take it's course.....
*feel like a million bucks!
*sanitize bucket and tube with hot water and soap

[COLOR=DarkGreen]*NOTE: this takes practice. after 3-4 times you will start to get the hang of it. if you don't drink coffee and are worried about the caffeine :eek:, this procedure will not give you a buzz or the jitters, but you should feel really good. for more info do a google search for "Gerson Therapy". I have found that chamomile tea is also very soothing and relaxing. Both enema types also do wonders when you have stomach distress or just plain feel like crap, and are especially helpful when detoxing, though i wouldn't use coffee if you already have loose bowels from withdrawels.[/COLOR]

lastly, i'm not a doctor and everyone has to use your best judgement, but i can say that i have turned at least a dozen other friends [now 'close' friends ;)] onto this and they all sing the praises. please use only organic coffee beans and distilled water.

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