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Hey guys...I hope all is well with everyone traveling this long but well worth
road to recovery..return of ones mind,body,spirit and soul where dreams ,
ambitions and goals will be attained without addiction...I have missed
everyone here a great deal !!!...Sara,BC,Alice,Phil ,Michelle,Dallas,Lisa,Over,
Fisher,Shak and everyone else as well..I must apologize for not posting/
replying lately but to make a long story very,very ex has been
intentionally making my life a " **** "...add to that my ongoing
battle with the depression..every second,minute,hour,day is a true struggle..
However,I have not lost hope and will continue to fight with all my strength
and faith...I have yet another " emergency appt." with a NEW phsychiatrist
my PCP recommended tomorrow afternoon so I will make sure I post very
soon as to where I am at with "it" all....Still 100% clean just taking my
"AD cocktail " every a.m.---if I may ask one favor...please pray,send good
vibes,etc..that these ADs start to work ASAP...Hello Mr. Jackson-my name
is Chris and it is very nice to meet ya...wellcome to the boards..However,
I felt compelled to reply to your max APAP mg/day dosage recommendation..
altho you are correct there are alternatives to higher hydrocodone mg/lesser
APAP mg/tablet...The max recommended dose of APAP is 4g/day SHORT
TERM only...for most people who have taken vicodin,lortab,norco,lorcet,etc
LONG TERM...the actual APAPmg/day is lessened to max approximately 2g/day
for long term tx..thus why many docs use adjunctive meds in addition to
the hydo/apap in "pain control,etc.."...Thank you for posting as a lot of
people are not aware of how destructive APAP can be to the liver,etc...
I hope you hang around here....This board is great and as always each pt
should always consult their own PCP regarding their dx,tx,meds,etc...
something all us addicts know but indeed is easy to "forget to do.."
Hope to hear from everyone soon!...I miss ya guys a lot..

Peace...Love...Recovery...Chris :angel:

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