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I would love to try Suboxone or Subutex. Theres just no doctor here in Panama City that uses it. I've been tring to find one else where butb all have told me there not taking any new people and or long waiting lists. Coming down from 130mg a day to 40mg Meth has really made me feel bad, my head is really messed up right now, I get mad quick, some times I want to cry but most of all I just would like to take that last big nod. I'm so tired. The W/D's aren't bad as in me hurting I guess the 40mg keeps that away. Its so strang how much I hate this stuff and then you go to a doctor and they start talking like I enjoy taking it, calling it "my drug of choise" when IF I HAD TO CHOOSE it would be the last. I guess now I'm going to go spend my pay check on more Meth to make it through the week. I always have a lot of the OC's that's how I get the money to stay off W/D's with the Meth. But its starting to scare me having them and my head being fu(ked up like it is. Me and my wife are about to split up over all this and all I have thought about today is fixing up a hot shot and nodding away, I even think it would be peaceful just to go to sleep feeling good leaving all this pain behind. I would really like it if you could give me any help on how to find a Sub doctor. I really think I may be one that has to stay on something for life. But I need to be able to get a months suplly at a time, my work requires me to be gone 28-30 days then I'm home 14-16 days.

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