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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=3]methadone slave when i first went off merthadone which was around 40 to 50 mgs cold turkey i called my primary care dr and he weaned me off with a fentynal patch he only weaned me for 2 weeks which sucked because let me tell you once the patch was gone it all came back my story is a nightmare but its not the same for everyone i guess some people anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks start to feel no physical w/ds but again i'm not a dr i won't tell you my full story because i don't want to discourage you but there are 3 different stages of w/d once you get passed the physical alot of people have a honeymoon period like i did for example i started to feel better and then boom depression and anxiety which included panic attacks what do you take methadone for i did'nt catch it in your post i take it for chronic pain again i don't want to discourage you if you really need to get off this you can do it but depending on your situation i had to start councelling and taking klonopin oh and lexapro to help me get through it i also took trazadone for sleep which was a life saver because i never would have slept with out it and you know what i went through all that just to have to go back on it again to alleviate my severe pain methadone sucks believe me i know i'm trying to support you and let you know options that not everybody approves of but going on these other medications helped me personally so much sorry i wrote a novel but i completly understand your situation methadone w/d is scary but consider some of my advice it really helped post me back ok and let me know your progress when i see someone else in a situation i was in i want to do anything to help again sorry so long keep in touch and you're in my prayers i know what it's like to be a slave to methadone but you can beat it the thing i found that helped is talking to anyone that will listen and of course the other medications i mentioned when i went back on methadone i cried because i knew the 2nd time around would be forever don't let it beat you kelleigh[/SIZE][/COLOR] :angel:

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