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Thanks, Lisa! I think you are right. I know I have heard that Ultram is a synthetic man made pain relieiver, something like that...and then if you have other pain meds with them, maybe it really can make you have that upset stomach feeling.....I guess. That is the only thing I can think happened. I believe that after the Methadose 10's, and the Vicoden ES 7.5, is when I first started to notice I did not feel good, after several hours upon taking them. Then later that night, I had taken the ultram....and I know the opiates stay in your system for quite maybe that is why I felt so ugh! yesterday. I feel much better today. Thanks for asking. By the way, do you know what methadose is exactly? I know what methadone is.....but I had never heard of methadose until just recently?
Deb~ :)
Hiya Cox and Lisa...How have you guys been lately?...Cox as to your question- Methadone- brand .. ( name in US is Dolophine ) is manufactured
by Lilly ( ..if I remember correctly ) and Methadose is generic manufactured
by Mallinkrofdt...Cox because methadone is considered to have a " narrow
therapeutic clinical range " is generally recommended in the medical
community not to switch back & forth between the brand and
the difference in bioavailablity between the two can present clinical sx..
" mild withdrawl sx,differences in actual "dug levels" attained in the body,etc...
thus if one is rxed methadone ask your doc about in pain management,detox,long term tx with methadone/methadose..if you take brand
or generic stick with it and dont have the docs,pharmacies switch brands
on ya..unless your doc is aware and approves.." this practice "...Hope this
is of somewhat of help to you or others...As to your question about ultram/
tramadol indeed a lot of " pain docs/specialists " will use this in conjunction
with opiates in hopes of better controlling pts pain,etc...Talk to your doc-
remember he or she is working for YOU !....ask any and all questions you have,
concerns,etc as being the best pt advocate for yourself will definately
help with your dx,tx and rxs....Take Care and Have a Great Holiday Weekend
Everyone !....

Peace...Chris :wave:

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