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Banker my sweet Girl,

I had a big ole boo hoo about you after reading your post. I agreed with Over and Lynn that the tone seemed a little too much too quick. Don't do what I did and I repeat don't go the route I chose. Do a real slow taper and don't worry about your weight. I have tried many times to tell you this. I have never seen you, have no idea what you look like but if I did see you. You would be beautiful in my eyes. I look at the heart and soul of people not the outward apperences.

It is a known fact that prettier people get hired on jobs first no matter how smart the others are. I have worked in Human Resources for a long time and have hired many people but not once have I based my decision on looks.

You can always loose weight. If you had the strenght to quit the opiates and go to the Suboxone, you will have no problem with weight. I also like to look slim and trim and look like Joe Elvis when I go to School and get my daughter. We all like to feel we look good and is a natural thing. But believe me after a man turns past his teenage years , your outer looks are not going to be the motivating factor for his attraction to you. He wants to know who you are and he can see that in the eyes. Way back a long time ago, that was the first thing I would look at when meeting a girl was her eyes.

I have rambled to long..............................I just want you to know that either way you go I will follow.


ps. Day 22 tomorrow and the emotional cravings are tons better. So I would be home free if not for this chronic pain. So just keep that in mind, I feel better and Over is completly right about Day 10-14 you will start to notice the cravings are not as intense. hang in there sweet girl

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