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Wow..I think you have just written my story all over again. I don't really post much since I have been clean for 5 months now, but I can completely relate to you and feel compelled to write. My addiction started after a c-section with my last daughter. I too felt like super-mom and loved how I felt and what I was able to accomplish on these pills. Never did I have to worry about things not getting done. I am a stay at home mom with three kids. My youngest being 14 months now. During my pregnancy I was giver V too for bad headaches and back pain. I only took them when needed during my pregnancy, but once she came out I was out of control with my usage. I did everything I could to get a doctor to give me pills. I even had some cosmetic surgery done which I wanted done, but I tell you i was more excited about getting the drugs then the results. Then my husband had surgery and he hates those pills so yippee...more for me! I would lie to docs and tell them I was in a car accident or my back was in pain ect. It was never ending. Then I just stared buying over the internet once the docs wouldn't give me anymore. I finally had enough. I tried to taper..didn't work then I just tried cold turkey and that only lasted 2 days. Then I told my husband who was very supportive and I checked myself into detox. Best thing I could have done. I only stayed a week since it was hard to be gone for anymore time. My husband took some vacation. They medically detoxed me with medication and I was pretty comfortable. The best thing is that they offered a ton of education and I learned so much. I also was taught other ways to increase my energy and relax. They taught me meditation and tai chi plus I was in there pain management program since I do have some pain and had accupuncture and accupressure. I just learned a different way to live and be happy without the pills. It was still a rough road especially once I got home but I felt so motivated to stay clean. I can't tell you what path is best for you because everyones situations are different, but you do need help one way shape or form and its great that you are ready and willing to get that help. I wish I could offer you more, but I hope that you can at least know that there are so many people just like you. As far as meetings go you need to try to go at least a couple times a week. It will be really hard to get thru those first 30 days (at least) without them. I really wish the best for you!!

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