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hi natalie-

yes, i totally understand what you mean about taking one to clean the house....when i take mine i'm on a cleaning rampage for hours and it feels so good to get my house "under control". (since i feel so out of control). i do take it for the energy it gives me, it doesn't make me feel groggy at all either. that's great that you're only taking 1 a day....that is what i started out at a few years ago, and slowly it escalated to 3 at a time just to get "that feeling back". i always go back to taking after i've been off 2-3 weeks just because the craving gets too intense to handle.

so my husband called me from work yesterday and said he gets monthly emails from our insurance on prescriptions and doctors visits, and we spent close to $300 last month and he wants to know why. shoot!!!! i know he knows i'm back on it again and that i've been going to different doctors...things are just really crazy right now and he doesn't have time to discuss it i think. i have been on zoloft for 2 years now (for panic attacks) far it hasn't done anything for my vicodin cravings....

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