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If you don't have time for meetings (follow up support after detox), then I'd say you lack the motivation to get clean and sober and anything you do at this point would be a waste of time. Without support you will always relapse. Maybe you have not had any serious repercussions from opiate addiction and are not ready to get clean.

If you are adverse to 12-Step meetings try Smart Recovery meetings.

But it sounds to me more like you want to substitute one drug for another, but not get clean.

That said, there are I suppose some minor benefits to suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone combined) versus Vicodin (hydrocodone). Suboxone may be covered by your insurance, while Vicodin may not be. The naloxone element in the Suboxone will discourage ancillary opiate use, since it blocks opiates in general.

So, if you get on Suboxone you will probably take nothing else. Also, Suboxone can have a bit less of a euphoric effect, especially more than an hour after the dose is absorbed, than Vicodin. So you may find yourself to be more productive under the influence of Suboxone if the high of Vicodin is getting in your way. However, after using Vicodin or any opiate for any length of time I doubt you are feeling much of any high unless you increase your dose. Further, Suboxone tends to make you feel quite lazy (at a minimum relaxed) and sleep a lot more than you would clean, but one could say the same things about Vicodin too.

You mention whether or not it is safe to start the Suboxone after being off Vicodin for a full day. Yes, that is more than long enough of an interval.

For more details, please look up all my posts under username CromeYellow and find this long two part post:
Opiate detox -- 3 methods I tried -- How to do it

Good luck!

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