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[QUOTE=octomon][So long story short: My journey is from oxy to suboxone to hydro to 'nothing' i hope. Maybe I'll be on the suboxone again in a week at a lower dosage if the hydro-taper isn't working. That is also ok with me. At least SH, we can compare the hydro taper experience for a few days.
I'm off to drink my herbal mud....yum yum>>

Thanks SH and Octomon for sharing your stories. One thing I've learned from the wisdom on this Board is that there are no 'absolutes' on the road to healing one's addiction. The field of addiction is, fer shure, a 'work in progress,' and MDs, psychologists, addictionologists, etal, are hacking and hewing thru this journey right along with us! (Those with 'smarts' would do well to listen openly to us hear us out as we share our personal stories of what it 'herbal mud' or lortabs or AA or Saliva of the Shih Tzu! :D

My twin and I are in the same boat, right now....tapering off of Oxys...down to 40mg/day (from 80-120) with Vikes (7.5, 3 or 4/day) and a very small touch of Klonopin to help the withdrawals. (By the way, if you have to go thru addiction, may we advise having a TWIN to do it with you! Not that we would have wished this on each other!!!...but it's like having your own personal AA 'in-house.' Oddly enuf, it took each of us awhile to realize that the other one was in the same sad state of affairs! We both assumed we were still at the 'recreational stage!' Twin Queens of DeNiles!!!! (Or...GASP....'Dead Ringers!' Arggggh!) :blob_fire :blob_fire

We will be following your updates, SH and Octomon. And we'll be kinda 'improvising' as we, ourselves, taper to the best of our abilities. Lynn had a very bad depression today (the 'chemical' kind that puts you in the abysss). Hopefully, it will lift some, tomorrow. I wake up each day about 5-ish...every muscle in my body 'clenched' with tension. There is not one itty bitty place of 'refuge' for me in bed. No 'toss or turn' that will relieve the indescribable grip that withdrawal has on my every body part. A tiny crumb of Oxy and a Vike are the only things that get me out of bed, right now. These scraps at least get my day dogs walked. I had to smile this morning. I looked at one of my Shih Tzu, dozing on the bed....and I envied him. Thought how comfy and safe he looked. So....crazy as it sounds....perhaps that is my 'goal' for the immediate future. To feel as good as my furkids! And when I do, I will give them the BEST walk in the park they've had for years! :)

TwinAlice (PS. TO DALLAS ALICE: Will be writing more to you, but just wanted to say 'thanks' for your great posts. I can't tell you how much your humor lifts my spirits. What a delight to meet up with a fellow fan of "irony." PPS. TO WICHRIS: I am SO very happy to hear the newfound joy and confidence in your voice. I just know that whatever path you choose to follow, your new spirit will make it a good one!)

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