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Banker and others,

I want to say up front what an absolute inspiration you all are. :angel: I can't even really remember how I found out about Suboxone, but I was looking on the internet last week for some help in getting off of Oxy and I knew I DID NOT want to go on Methadone. Mainly because I did not want to take the time to go to the clinic EVERY single day. But I was looking on some "recovery" website and found the words Suboxone and Subulex and the rest, as they say, is history. I have an appointment with a doctor next Thursday to get on this medication.

I have been on 180 mgs a day of Oxy for five years now. I have successfully weaned myself off the Duragesic (Fentynl) patch (that was a trip, but I lived through it), having taken off my last patch 10 days ago. I also take 8 - 10 mg. Norco's a day. Yes, I am definately an addict. I really never abused the Oxy (only because I respect it so much and did not want to die), but I eat the Norco like they are candy. Much of this has been trying to block out the pain of losing my 20 year old son 5 years ago. And now, I am ready to move on and try to regain a drug-free life again. :)

In speaking with the doctor, he indicated that he would probably start me on 24 mgs. a day. Does this sound like a "normal" starting dose? Can you tell me what to expect? Do the doctor's write you a script or do you have to go weekly do get the meds? There are some conflicting reports on how this drug is distributed, so I want your input. Also, as I am not insured for scripts, can anyone tell me how much it costs (approximately)? Also, what kind of weaning process can I expect, as I don't want to become "dependent" on this drug for life?

This board has been a godsend to me. It lets me know I am not alone and boy, are a lot of people in the same boat I am. But you all are a blessing because you are success stories.

I will be checking back for your replies.

Don't worry too much. I was exactly the same way, it seems like it such a scary thing, the unknown. But, it was like OK to take a handful of hydros as one dosage though, huh?

I was on Subutex for a few months because I also didn't want to be too dependent on it. I started on 32mg because it was purely my mistake at such a high dosage. He gave me 8mg tablets and I assumed that they were 2mg instead. Anyhow, I was still OK after taking that much and quickly went down to the appropiate dosage.

But 24mg is OK initially. The Dr probably told you that because of your norco/duragesic consumption that you had for such a long period of time.

My initial appointment was also in the evening. I had consumed my last hurrah high intake of about 13 Norco tabs just 5 hours earlier than my appointment time. As long as you are experiencing WDs( you know the physical feelings..the shakes..etc. ) from your last opiate intake, you can take the Sub. You should be in full blown WDs when you take your first Sub. Some Drs suggest 24 hours, but hell if I could have lasted 24 hrs without any opiates, then I wouldn't even need the Sub. It was torture, the physical WDs.

Anyhow, as soon as you take your first Sub tablet, it is such a relief. The same relief when you take more hydros when you need it. The dr will probably make you wait in the office for side effects for awhile. I was outta the drs office within an hour because I wanted to beat the traffic! I felt great and fine. I couldn't believe it!

Don't expect to sleep too well the first night also. Sub gave me insomnia so I switched my dosages to the morning instead after a week.

When you initially start, they will have you split your doses between AM and PM. Sub is a long acting opiate (24-36 hours) so you are OK at a once daily intake. You don't feel sub WDs until after the ceiling effect (after 24-36 hours) dissipates. I would think it is wise to initially split your doses but after a 10 days to cut out your PM dose. Therefore you are maximizing your ceiling effect.

Take one step at a time. Just be happy you are on a road to recovery! It is the best feeling in the world. Life is great when you can smell the roses again!

Bring all your questions to your doctors office. I research and read the Sub threads and asked him all of my questions.

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