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Sep 20, 2004

I am very interested in your plan of recovery. You said you went on Suboxone and then switched to another opiate to taper from. This is the first time I have ever heard of this and it intrigues me. I have tapered off the Suboxone before and stayed off all opiates for 22 days however, chronic pain due to several health conditions forced me to go back to the opiates. My doctor thought that Subutex would be the best choice for me and diagnosed me with Chronic Pain Management. I know I can never go for a long period of time without the need for a painkiller but was trying to find the easiest on the body. The Subutex will allow them to give me stronger pain meds when I have an attack and end up in the Hospital.

This was a hard thing for me to do with 22 hard days behind me but mentally it gave me strength because I know I can make it that long. Before I digress to long………………..My real question is the tapering off another opiate than Suboxone. I know the Suboxone was a tough one to wean off because it stayed with me so long. I did not have w/d’s until about day 5. It sticks to your receptors like mud. I am going to watch your progress everyday. What are you at on opiates right now? What is your taper plan?

I also want to commend you on all the help and information you have done for others. It speaks highly of your character.

thanks much,

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