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Re: Octomon
Oct 2, 2004
[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2][COLOR=Indigo]Thank you for the info fisherman,
It does sound like you're going the best route at this point. It does seem like someday there will be a non-drug method of manipulating our pain receptors. Hopefully sooner than later. I agree with you on the two main side-effects of buprenorphine. I have to say that being on 4mg per day [Which is what I have leveled off at for now], I certainly notice FAR less of these symptoms thank goodness.

I think I may ask my doc about trying ritalin. After four days on wellbutrin I QUIT. Irritable, nervous, & depressed....I really didn't need that right now, and feel SO MUCH better today without taking it. What a difference.

I will probably try going to 2mg of the sub soon, and see how I do with ritalin or nothing else. I'll keep posting progress. Thanks again!

PS: I heard last night that the 'opiate-blocker' drug in suboxone [Naloxone] was given to people considered chocolate 'addicts', and the result was MUCH less desire to eat chocolate! So many things we put in our bodies act as drugs, it's amazing! Today I've been very careful of my sugar and caffeine intake, and I feel much more stable and much less opiate-driven....I'm going to make my diet more important in my recovery from now on, as I think I've been neglecting this important factor.


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