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Thank you so much for the repsonse I will have about 2 weeks lyong around the house with out the use of my left arm in stiches and such so I am thinking might be a good time to be w/d,s since i dont have to go to work then and my wife can help me.I am just kinda trying to make a plan for myself so I can get off this I know it kills pain becouse after my first surgery I only needed 2-4 pain pills the day of and after that right back on my sub and motrin and I was able to live with the pain I have managed to tear up both my elbows the nerves in them from very heavy weight lifting when i was younger and football and have carpel in both hands hence 2 surgeries.I am also quiting the benzos cold turkey right now have been taking xanax 2mg everynight for along time now at least a year so that will prob cause me some problems too.But I am determined to beat these things and dont want any of it in my life anymore esspecialy now that I can see my wonderful 7yr old daughter who,s b-day is this SAT and my wonderful wife god has blessed me so much so now im going to learn to do his will and count on him for my strengh.Banker is the one who saved me on this board to begin with,so I will stay with everyone through this and help how ever I can.
that poster who used hydros to taper from Sub was Over, but she's been banned now. I would not suggest doing that unless you are absolutely mentally prepared to quit opiates period. Sammi's advice is more sound and more likely to have you safely off the Sub. However, I read that you are coming off the benzos at the same time which will make your WDs two fold worse than just jumping off the Sub. That's a deadly mix to WD from which most likely make you relapse. Why don't you concentrate on getting off one at a time so it wouldn't be so hard on you. A slow taper off Sub should be fine as with Benzos.
Take care :cool:
Hey man listen i feel your pain. i can giuve you some advice. And i hope you take it very serious. the w/d from sub are not normal if you try and counter them with xanax and beer it could be fatal. and mixing benzos and sub is dangerous just keep a very lose dose of either one in at all time. I havent got an answer yet either but like i said i want to help too. the w/ds are only going to get worse and listen very carefully the amount of stuff you would have to take to counter the w/ds would kill you (xanax and beer) i pray that your buddy gets that sub. if he does only take the smallest amount possible for you to feel better you are going to want to take like 2-3 8mg pills DONT. the drug has a full life of 37.5 hours so you are just beginning w/ds now let me tell you about PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawl Syndrome) with if you dont get anymore sub in you it will unfortunatly kick in. it is all mental the physical w/ds are not that bad = to normal SICK w/ds but the sub has such a large effect on your brain it it takers TIME for the brain to recover from this paws none of our dr.s warned us about this. i lost my job when this was happening and that was jumping off a 4mg dose. the job is going to be the least of your probs come 72 hours from now. It feels like you have lost your mind or i bad trip? if that makes any sense. I didnt take this stuff serious untill i found out first hand. Dont do anything stupid when this is happening. I honestly dont think the job thing is going to work i was in the same situation and quit after months it was the least of my worries i thought i lost my mind. Research about Imodium it is suppose to help plase dont take the drink and take the xanax because how you feel is enough to OD on them and you may feel like it doesnt matter then because of the job and how you feel but if your buddy gets his take NO more than one pill it will work give it 1 hour and dont move or speak while it dissolves i'll pray for you and check back please w/b so i can help.

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