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hey guys i been on suboxne over 6 months 16mg a day and i want to stop can someone suggest a plan cause i get so sick when i try cold turkey i cant move and my mind gets the best of me

i am not complaining cause suboxne truly saved my life and made me ME again but i wanna be able to say i am clean and BE clean

Ggrl65, my friend I wish I were there to give you a hug. You know, maybe you should go back to the dosage where you were not craving and stay there until everything calms down a little. You have come too far to throw it all away. Get your depression under control, which I think will improve if you loose the weight you would like too.

I am sorry you are having so many family problems=( Life is way too short to deal with all the crap they are putting you through, don't they realize this??? Maybe the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation. Is that possible?

Please hang in there, you know there's hope because look at your husband. Hasn't he done a great job? You're going to get through this!!!

Kimbee, my dr is also doing an extremely slow taper and he swears this is the key. He said he has had three patients in the last three months come off of a slow taper that experienced only mild w/d's. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Good luck...

Hi Lynn, how are things going for you? Have you made any decisions as to whether or not you're going to try Sub? I will tell you the ONLY reason I am ready to taper off of Sub is I truly feel like I'm ready to stop taking all meds. However I will say that being I have chronic pain I am somewhat worried about once I am off sub if I will be able to manage the pain. Accupuncture and physical therapy has really helped me, but at some point in the future I will have to have back surgery. I agree with your post above, it does seem like we're all tapering at once. But let me tell you, if I had it to do all over again, I still would go the Sub route.

Suboxone WILL get you back on track to living a "normal" life. It will get you back into the routine of not looking at the clock to see when you can take your next pill. And yes, it definitely helps with the depression. The only suggestion I have is don't let your Dr start you out on a high dosage, start with 4mgs a day and see if that helps, if it doesen't then try six mgs and I would highly reccommend that you take it all at once vs throughout the day so that way you're not getting yourself back into that old routine of looking at the clock to see when you should take another pill. You will know if the amount that you're taking is not enough because you will crave and just not feel good.

I will also add that as of this Thursday I will be dropping my dosage by another 1/2 mg, however, I will not hesitate to stay on sub if I can't get my back pain under control. Look at fisherman, he is now taking Subutex because of his pain. If I'm going to have to take something for the pain, which advil and tylenol doesn't really give me any relief, I would rather take Sub than hydro's. I just want you to know that you shouldn't be afraid of taking Sub!! And I know you have done plenty of research and looked at all of your options and let me tell you from experience, I think Suboxone was the best route for myself, it gave me my old life back!! Also, when the time comes for you to taper, I truly believe if you do a slow taper like myself, I'm dropping by 1/2 a mg every THREE WEEKS, then the w/d's will be significantly less.

Please keep me posted as to what you decide...

Sammi -

Thanks sooooo much for letting me know that you are still a bonafide, card-carrying member of "Sub Supporters"! :D I thought I was getting paranoid, as I read post after post of people who had formerly walked hand-in-hand with their new best friend--then suddenly could not drop that friend [I]fast[/I] enough!

Your explanation and reasoning make so much sense. And your solidifying the case for Sub--and reminding me why it has slowly come to symbolize "hope" for me--came just at the right time. It also reinforced something I often think about re. this Board--how each person's words can so directly impact that particular reader's life. And...the extreme importance of just how those words are said.

No matter how much you want to point a person towards reality...and the implications of what they are thinking and doing....each person reacts so indivdually to the tone of those words. And it is way too easy, when your own experience and knowledge give you strong opinions, to use "cutting truths" and "reality-checks" in such a harsh way that a hesitant, depressed reader feels foolish--or frightened--to the extent that they withdraw from, e.g., learning more about the topic--or trying a certain type of withdrawal, or considering a particular drug in detoxing, etc.

Each one of us, whether it's because of brain chemistry, personality type, or psychological disposition, will react differently to the same ideas...the same words. We ARE each unique---and, yet, most addicts share very common traits--from self-delusion to avoidance, etc. . So, in finding a withdrawal method that works best for become aware that the guy next to you might have zero results from what "changed your life."

How we speak to others on this Board and how we express our knowledge has the power to change life's direction. And....your post, for example, was so filled with your enthusiasm for the Suboxone...and mirrored my own gut feelings of "this may work for me." (Like Dallas Alice and her MMT program.)

This post is too long-winded! What I really want to say, Sammi, is that Alice and I will probably be calling a Sub doctor next week! :p And your words on this thread--along with the kind, supportive posts you (and others) have sent to me--have had a large impact on my decision about Suboxone. (I also very much appreciated hearing the reality of the negative aspects of this drug.)

This Board really does change lives. (And, I have to say, that I now really think twice...before I just blythely send out a post!) :D

Anyway....thanks again for specifically calming my doubts!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you all know that beside the tapering now I have looked into a detox place here locally that deal with opiates and poss of them detoxing me off that final ending if you can understand that.I have a appt to see the counseler/doctor monday to possibly set this timing up for a week after I have surgery then will start the detox.I will keep everybody updated on how this plays out and works for me I am just so worried about those horrid w/d,s and think that if I am medically detoxed for a week or whatever it will be easier.I know its the easier way out but its the way I think is best for me, my wife will also be a part of the process.I havent been feeling so great past few days and I am sure it if from the Benzo w/d,s and lowering my Sub dose.But am determined no matter what it will all be gone in the next month or so.
Thanks for listening and hope everybody here is well today.

That is great news!! I think the rehab treatment center will help very much and you will have a greater chance of getting clean and staying that way. They also will be able to help with the w/d's and help you re-train your old way of thinking. This is by far the best over a home detox. Keep us posted and I will keep you in my prayers.

You are hilarious!I was laughing..out loud..You/Alice..are my starbucks-yummy-right here..I betcha get a good "wingo"..from that badboy of a coffee...I can't stop laughing picturing you drinking that coffee-and cleaning your flat madly..And your family..woody allen would have a field day..we've done the of the its woody best.
But-over the years-the heart/soul got lost-i got a real problem w/ the loss.
So-like woody-therapy/for 15 years-and im losing her..WAAAA!!!!
Ill work it out..Its gonna be alright!
But i appreciate the humor-feel better already..
Im excited for you/ check out the sub-
Hi....I was really considering the same thing..detox..for the sub..but-i think they would make me detox from the ativan afraid of taking on both substances at once-its dangerous-and painful.
my sister-was in detox for h/kolonipin..for 3 weeks-and she still wasn't well when she came out-she said it was hellish-the worst.
Ill have to look into it-but im pretty sure-its detox for all substances.
But since you are doing both..its a great choice..What about surgery?
Will you be medicated after that?Are you ok?I didn't know you were going into the hospital.
But you sound ready-thats what its about!I have you in my prayers-i wish you all the good things in life...
ggrl65 :angel:
Guess what you will need meth or sub to detox off of heroin too. THat is nearly impossible to stop once you start and most people have to spend the rest of their lives on a maintance program to stay off of it. I just want you to know what your getting into before it goes to far. You cant go to your Dr and get more sub I dont understand maybe he can put you on a lower taper. There has to be something that can be done this is insane. Best wishes and as least you got some sub use what you have as a taper slowly. Kim
I know I'm beating a dead horse here but are you on the sub for pain pills or heroin? This sub sounds like a nightmare to get off of and I feel bad for you all I really do. Almost better to go ct and suffer the w/d's for a week or two. I wish I knew more to help you out. Someone will be along soon I hope. There has to be research out there in cyberland. Best wishes Kim
Oh please dont feel as if we dont care. I care I just wish I knew more about sub and how you feel and what your going through and I dont. I will give you support and words of encouragement. I really dont think Dr's know much about sub which is a shame the hell they are putting people through. Just like putting people on Ultram (tramadol) thinking its non addictive and telling people its non addictive and they are on here posting about the w/d's and they almost sound worse than the vicoden w/d's which is kinda what your going through you know not wanting to go through all the w/d's and other things with the methadone and now your going through it with the sub. This is very unfortunate. I guess we have to be more advocates with our health care then our drs are. I never second guess my Dr when he rx's me something which is how I got hooked on the vicoden and I have always been so afraid of trying any drugs cause I know I have an addicting personality. He he would have told me everything about its addicting facts would I have ever gotten it filled. Just like you, you could have weighed the sub and the meth if your Dr would have known more and done their research as they are the ones with the Doctorate degree not us they should know everything about what they give out and spend alot of time researching things too. But now we know that we have to do our part too. Alot of people switch one addiction for another but not in a positive way. Your switch is a positive one you dont wake up looking for your next fix, or getting $ for it, running the streets dealing with shady people and possibly ending up dead or in jail. Your able to the a good mother and raise and care for your child so this is positive although you dont see it like that right now yes its an addiction but there are alot of positives and go slow if you cant handle it go back and tell your dr you cant I see people running to get heroin or anything else to stop the sub w/d's so just do it slow and taper slow and you will be just fine. Best wishes to you and I hope someone with more knowledge comes through. Have you tried doing a search for suboxone withdrawls and see what comes up for you. I would try it you might just find what your looking for. :D hint!! Good luck and fight the good fight. Alot of us relapse and it sucks and the guilt and the shame and the self hate take over but we will get through it and your not alone!!!! Kim

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