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I will be here for you when the time comes just as I was for Fisherman. You should be proud that you even made it to 3mg. Remember to taper at a slow rate. See how "Sammi" is doing. She's dropping her dosage 1/2mg every week. I tapered and went down to chips and I mean literally chips.

You will have to exercise loads and I suggest heavy intensity type so you will feel so tired that #1-the endorphins helps you with your depression when you are in WDs and #2-it will alleviate your physical WDs. I can help you with an exercise program, but I suggest you to start now. So further down the weeks, you body will be prepared to handle the WDs.

I can suggest OTC tonics to help too. It will not be easy, but if you taper it should help tremondously.

Just holler and I will come! No worries! Its only a temp thing remember. Once you have overcome all of it, you will not want to go back.
Good mornin friends-
Thanks for the did it..(bowing down)..And you sound great-
I got really wiggy reading TOO much info..(and theres alot)on the net..
Going down to 3 mgs-i can tell/i woke up a little needy-but now i feel a modicum of self took a while to get off that 1 mg..
And dsche :wave:
My doc gave me the 8 mgs-for a long time-i had been prescribed 16 mgs-but i went down in dose-based on finances..i did not have insurance at the time-
so-id take 8 instead-it held me-and i always dosed just once a day..
I bet if you tried taking 8 mgs-one morning-you would be surprised.
Alot ive read-suggests-the less is more-theory..with the sub-based on its potency-
You also mentioned the Up and down feelings-my mood swings are really intense-i am going thru some other issues w/ depression/etc-BUT..both my husband..who could be the poster boy for sub-(we both get bitchy and he explains it -takes the highs and lows out-w/ peaks of agitation-but mostly feels-kinda null-..does that make sense???No sex drive-either.
But as we all know- SUB is an amazing medication-the fact you can make a hardcore junky -lift the cravings/obsession-so you can concentrate on living beyond drugs....
give a person a chance to sort out life-ive never had such good sobriety-
one not entirely sober..
Its a holding pattern..
Cali-can you give us-your basic taper plan-since you successfully came off -
That may be helpful to people like Nicky6-or others trying to come down..
Thanks guys..
Happy fall-
ggrl65 :angel:
How are you-?
You sound good-1/2 mgs-every 3 weeks=4 months or so..Thats close to where im at..
I started this thread cos i was "researching' one morning about sub(detox)-and i got really many people are on it/trying to come off it..
I woke up this morning and i felt the w/ds from the drop in dose.
And-for the first time in ages-i had actual REAL cravings last night-maybe i won't be able to come off as fast as id hoped.
Im actually a bit scared..
What a nice help while he is away..That is amazing...I would love someone to come in and cook-send him over when hubby comes
I thought i was ready..i got to do this sometime..ill just keep following the plan-and when its down to crumbs-ill do that..
I was hoping that others who may be reading these posts but not replying would talk about getting off the sub-there is alot of info out there.
Im having kind of a rough time w/ my depression issues-got to start over w/ a new therapist..the weight gain is really bothering me-and there is so much family stuff going on-im not on top right now..thats enuf of my 'kvetching"...
i love you all-(((hugz))))
Hello all, I too will be tappering in a few months, and am so scared! Its not because I really want to, but the drive I have to make every month just to get my prsciption is wearing me out. I have to drive out of state, because the doctors here only do detoxes with Suboxone, not maintenance. I only have a 2 and half hour drive to get there but it still is an all day thing. My doctor wants me to drp a mg. a month, does that sound about right? I am at 6mgs now so it shouldnt take too awfully long, but I just hope I can handle this procedure, He assured me if I had any problems and wanted back on I could stay on it forever. But like I said, the drive is really taking its toll. And it really angers me that he keeps reassuring me that it is a breeze to come off of , if you do it slowly. Why do you think he keeps telling me that? I honestly think he really believes it. I wish you all much luck in your road to recovery, I hope things go smoothly for you as for me too. Goddessgrl, how long have you been tapering now? Its been a while since I have been on board? Is the depression from the tapering? Thats the one thing I cant handle, the major depression that comes along with tapering, I fail everytime it hits me. Keep up the great work!!!
Ggrl65, my friend I wish I were there to give you a hug. You know, maybe you should go back to the dosage where you were not craving and stay there until everything calms down a little. You have come too far to throw it all away. Get your depression under control, which I think will improve if you loose the weight you would like too.

I am sorry you are having so many family problems=( Life is way too short to deal with all the crap they are putting you through, don't they realize this??? Maybe the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation. Is that possible?

Please hang in there, you know there's hope because look at your husband. Hasn't he done a great job? You're going to get through this!!!

Kimbee, my dr is also doing an extremely slow taper and he swears this is the key. He said he has had three patients in the last three months come off of a slow taper that experienced only mild w/d's. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Good luck...

Hey everyone...

Glad you are doing well on the drop dosage. Yes, the headache is from the Sub WDs. Its funny, I use to think it was allergies too because I would get sinus headaches the same way.

I think it is wise and safe when your DR has you maintain your dosage for 3 weeks. I believe that can help your WDs and your cravings. That totally makes sense.


I agree with Sammi. I believe you are dropping and not maintaining at the dosage for your brain and your body to adjust too. Hence your depression. I also got depressed while dropping. Its part of the WDs. Is it hormonally related too? That mix is pure hell! I feel for you, hon. I hate to be Jack Lalane, but please exercise. Just walk for 30 minutes non-stop and that will help alot. :D

You should follow Sammi's plan of action. You have come such a long way and I would hate to see one little thing set you back. You've worked much too hard!!! Please stay at your dosage for a couple of weeks. Don't rush..BTW, what is the rush to get off it? You will be sober one of these days but don't risk everything you worked so hard for. The WDs will get you back to square one and trust me, been there and done that! :nono:

Yes, I've been sober for about 3 months now. Its great not depending on pills for your existence. At times I still think about hydros and such....but I just re-train my thoughts to other things. I have always been an overachiever and my life has been very very stagnent because of my addictions in the past. I still need time to re-group and regain my confidence and strength. Its like the opiates rewire your brain to become a loser or something! :rolleyes:

One thing that has definitely made me see the light is the difference in my relationships again especially one with my daughter. While on the hydros, they rob you of any rationale that you may have thus your relationships suffer tremondously. On the Sub, it gives you that false sense of security and I knew that I wanted my life back to normal after that . I guess that is where Sub is successful. Its been such a long road and I thought I will never be opiate free, but I am.


Don't be scared! It will take a while but I suggest for you a very slow taper as well. I can't believe that you had to drive out of state to get your RX! Can't they send it to you in the mail? That is perfectly legal if you have a RX for it. You can do it!

Good luck everybody and y'all are doing great! Hang in there and keep your mind and body busy with stuff. Out of sight, out of mind....Mind over matter!

Just sending you a virtual hug. :p I know how awful that "tapering" depression can be (not from any experience with sub, but with other opiates.) And you are starting to crave again. Plus you have other personal worries you are dealing with right now. That's a lot all at once.

Are you certain that you need to taper as quickly as you are? Could you try a slower taper...and explain to your doctor that both the cravings and depression are returning? Is it the weight gain that is driving you to taper at a certain speed? Why, after a successful period with the Sub having such a positive effect, are you upset about it enough to be so worried about very slow tapering.

Please forgive me if I've missed any posts your wrote, explaining these answers.

One very noticeable thing I see happening on this Board is that a fair amount of people who spoke of feeling "normal" for the first time, happier again..of having their lives back because of the Sub....are, all around the same time, suddenly threatened by it and wanting to get off it. I understand the drug-free issue (and the weight gain must be no fun!)--but--has something happened with you all re, the Sub that made you all almost simultaneously want to leap off it??? Has it lost its effect? I am really puzzled as to this "mass flight from the ship"!!!

Once I am on it...I hope to stay on it for awhile. But with all the withdrawal stuff I'm hearing about sounds like something to stay on for LIFE, rather than face withdrawal!! One thing I know, personally, is that if it does two things--one, allows me to feel normal again. and, two, helps keep depression at bay--then I certainly will ask to be on it for a long time.

For myself, it's always the depression that I can't seem to deal with. So, I know how you feel when that becomes a withdrawl issue. Anyway, just want you to be sure that you don't go through unecessary suffering, by doing too quick a taper.

Hope things are better for you real soon. love, Lynn
Hi Lynn, how are things going for you? Have you made any decisions as to whether or not you're going to try Sub? I will tell you the ONLY reason I am ready to taper off of Sub is I truly feel like I'm ready to stop taking all meds. However I will say that being I have chronic pain I am somewhat worried about once I am off sub if I will be able to manage the pain. Accupuncture and physical therapy has really helped me, but at some point in the future I will have to have back surgery. I agree with your post above, it does seem like we're all tapering at once. But let me tell you, if I had it to do all over again, I still would go the Sub route.

Suboxone WILL get you back on track to living a "normal" life. It will get you back into the routine of not looking at the clock to see when you can take your next pill. And yes, it definitely helps with the depression. The only suggestion I have is don't let your Dr start you out on a high dosage, start with 4mgs a day and see if that helps, if it doesen't then try six mgs and I would highly reccommend that you take it all at once vs throughout the day so that way you're not getting yourself back into that old routine of looking at the clock to see when you should take another pill. You will know if the amount that you're taking is not enough because you will crave and just not feel good.

I will also add that as of this Thursday I will be dropping my dosage by another 1/2 mg, however, I will not hesitate to stay on sub if I can't get my back pain under control. Look at fisherman, he is now taking Subutex because of his pain. If I'm going to have to take something for the pain, which advil and tylenol doesn't really give me any relief, I would rather take Sub than hydro's. I just want you to know that you shouldn't be afraid of taking Sub!! And I know you have done plenty of research and looked at all of your options and let me tell you from experience, I think Suboxone was the best route for myself, it gave me my old life back!! Also, when the time comes for you to taper, I truly believe if you do a slow taper like myself, I'm dropping by 1/2 a mg every THREE WEEKS, then the w/d's will be significantly less.

Please keep me posted as to what you decide...


I am so excited for you and Alice!! I can truly feel how much you both want to be "normal" again. I say "normal" like this because I know there are people on here that feel like Sub gives you a false sense of feeling normal, but hey for me that is exactly what I needed at the time. I needed to know that it was (is) possible to be your old self again. The way I look at it is this way, what about all of those people out there that take heart meds, anti-depressants, pain meds (responsibly), they're taking it to feel normal and live a normal life, I just so happen to need Sub to do that at this point so what's the difference???? Yes, I would love not to have to take a pill to feel normal, but I'm sure those people with heart problems, depression problems and pain problems feel the same way!!!

I will pray that Sub will work as well for you and Alice as it has for myself. Pleaseeeeee keep me posted.

Good morning friends-
I wanted to shout-out-to the TWINS...i believe from the bottom of my heart-that suboxone is going to be benificial/to your recovery-and i am grateful that i found out about sub-and have been faitfhul to this treatment for the past year.I feel it saved my family/my life..i could of died-doing what i was so foolishly doing-playing w/ fire..
Why do i want out?I don't really want to stop...right now-im tapering and would like to be on the lowest dose possible..i know that when real w/d's hit-im in for the wake-up call of my life-cos this med has made me feel as though my addiction..never happened.
I know it did-im reminded everyday on this board-or when i go to meetings-or see/hear about someones addiction-including my sister-who is still messing w/ hydro.
But-i feel removed from it-because the medication works soo well-on the depression aspect associated w/ addiction-and the lack of cravings-
I did have a few days-of cravings-ok..that made me remember the chaos-its hard to define-mostly- i miss the creativity-my soul-its a tad null..thats why i want to stop-who am i-?I want to be free...of all it possible?
Im willing to try..and take a leap-
Maybe it will work-if it doesn't i can maintain for as long as i need to-
I guess-unless the dr. insists i stop..
But w/ clinical depression-there are i guess im gonna have to go w/ the flow-continue tapering and see where it leads...
Sammi/and friends..we all have each other-and we are so blessed to have this support-i am eternally grateful...
I just don't ever want to be a junky again...
My pals that didn't make it out-the horror ive witnessed-the brain damage.. thanks..i just want to live my simple existence-and feel-
Be real.Be me.
Its not alot to ask-but its alot of work-the sub-like ADs-or any med one needs to take to live-productive/healthy life..eased me out of alot of pain.
Lennon said-feel your own pain...
ultimately-i will have to face myself-
This is a ramble-im sorry-
I love you guys-sometimes you gotta ramble on...
ggrl65 :angel:
I hope you are feeling better today-yesterday was my sons 20th b'day..
I have been feeling very emotional lately too-up/down all the time.
I read somewhere-the naloxone mixed w/ the benzos can create depression symptoms..
I don't know exactly what is happening to me-but i know its not good.
I am not craving drugs-but im craving serenity..
I appreciate not being an active addict-but i know im dependant on sub/ativan.
How recovered is that,really???
Im honest w/ myself to the point of i can't accept this as real recovery.
Im in a holding pattern..
I hope you have a beautiful day w/ your daughter..Happy B'day to her.
I cherish my memories of my son-growing up..we had so much fun.
I was not addicted to opiates until he was about 14..
I still maintained our home/my job/etc..but i feel ashamed for going there.
Well- i wish you guys a great weekend-lots o fun!

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