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Please take a look at my post:
Opiate detox -- 3 methods I tried -- How to do it

for more details on how to get off opiates in general [U]and what to expect during and post-detox[/U]. I used buprenorphine (active ingredient in subutex and suboxone) to detox from heroin.

The key is to get off the buprenorphine as soon as possible. Ideally, this means within a couple weeks of using it to get off a different opiate such as heroin, hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (oxycontin), etc.

If that is not soon as possible translates to getting off today instead of tomorrow. The longer one stays on any opiate the harder the final detox will be.

There are theories that heroin addicts given their heroin legally can lead normal healthy lives (and hence that suboxone users can live the same quality of lives as clean and sober addicts) but I disagree because constant use of any mind altering substance cuts off spiritual growth.

Even if medically opiates are relatively benign compared to say alcohol no human body functions better on drugs than off.

I do firmly believe that mind altering substances halt spiritual growth. In other words, that no drug is entirely benign. Therefore, in my opinion, True Recovery does not even begin until one is clean and sober.

Don't sell yourself short. True Recovery is possible. ;)

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