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painman123 & Roder,

Pain is a terrible thing to have to live with. I have several illness that cause chronic pain. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic severe diverticulitus sp. along with pain due to the results of long term diabetes. I range anywhere from a 2 -10 with 10 being unbearable. My PM doctor has me on Subutex so that I can take other opiates if I have breakthrough pain. The Sub keeps my pain level down around the 3 level or tolerable. I take 4mg x 2 daily. Subutex is not FDA approved for the treatment of pain but studies have found that it works in most cases. You just have not found your maintnance dose yet. I was on Suboxone for several months and it actually worked better on the pain than Subutex. But the doctor's were scared that I would be in the ER with level 10 pain and they could not give me anything for 36 hours. The Suboxone also works better for craving opiates.

Octomon, Yes pain patients do feel the Euphoric feeling that everyone else does but high levels of pain sorta takes the pleasure away. You still get very dependent on it and face addiction problems. The major problem is tolerence. A good PM doctor will change your meds about every six months to help with this issue. I really feel for someone taking that much Oxy and not getting relief. There body is dependent on the drug and thus craves it. If it does not help the pain the natural thing that we do is self medicate. This is a bad thing. It is the difference between being a addict or being dependent. If that much Oxy is not working you need to see the doctor and try to find something that does work. Then you follow the Doctor's orders. If you find yourself self medicating you need to immeadiatly seek your doctor for help.
Self medicating gets you in serious trouble and you end up short by the end of the month.

Then you either face w/d's or hunt for drugs from other sources.

I just bet if they get their Sub maintnance dose where it needs to be they will see some pain relief. Remember that Sub is a opiate and you will build a tolerence to it also. So if you find yourself in this situation you need to seek the help from your doctor. They are much more sympathtic to chronic pain patients than they used to be. Quality of life is whats important. Don't worry about the stigma of using opiates for the "right" reason. It's just when you decide to tinker with it or find yourself using it more for the "high" than pain relief is when you start traveling a path of a addict. Doctor shopping is one of the first signs.

hope this helps,

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