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Baseball- :wave:
.the suboxone was my way out..w/o that..i probably would still be using/kicking/relapsing-thats what this disease is all about..its a chronic..relapsing took about 20 trys-before i got 2 yrs sober..and then i relapsed again..and here i am-maintained on suboxone.
But-its legal,affordable and i can get on w/ life..
Like Cali-my motivation is kinda pushed down-my husband is also on it..But he is doing well-hes on 2 2 jobs/plays his guitar/jams/and is super focused.He also does NOT have the depression issues i have.
I will tell ya this-Sub is the answer for people who have long standing addiction-2-5 years..the damage is done-the pathways are reconfigured-its like your trying to go against WANT to quit-but its near impossible-due to your chemistry..yes-people do..and i did-it took every drop of strength i had to get thru a day-after 3 months its a bit easier-but i was craving that i would rip thru my house/drawers/books looking for was insane.
I got heavily into spiritual work-that saved me-i joined a grp of other wiccans-they were very supportive-i was doing much better-having a spiritual path..i believe thats part of why folks have success in the AA/NA-i put my band back together-we were well know rock n roll-and its distractions..i relapsed being back in that world-
So here i am-i approve this
Google on suboxone-go to their website use the physican locator-give it a whirl.
You can't use w/ high-and you will not benifit from what its supposed to do-kinda mess's up the groove..once stabilised-you willNOT crave hydro..
You will be able to be productive-you won't be distracted from the urges to use.
You just kind of plain off
Its worth checking out
ggrl65 :angel:

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