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Hi Fisherpard,

Thanks for your input; I guess I'll just have to wait & see what the side effects will be for me. Maybe you should try viagra if everything else about the sub is good for you....since I'm a female, my low libido isn't going to be obvious; I can always fake it!! heehee

I'm pretty excited that most people that have used sub say it does have good pain relieving qualities cuz that's what I'm most afraid of, pain! I don't know what the difference is between suboxone & subutex tho....actually now that I'm seeing there's 2, I'm not really sure which one I will be given today.

Well, I will find out this afternoon, huh?! I took my last dose of 2 hydros (not that they will do much for me anyway) at 8:45 this morning (I'm in California). That reminds me....Cali, if you read this, are we able to say where our doctors are located? I went and read thru a lot of posts regarding sub and noticed in one of yours that you said you were in LA; I'm not too far from you!

I really hope I have great relief on the sub like a lot of you have so I can just get away from all these pills. But what if I don't? By going the sub route, am I messing myself up as far as future pain meds? Would I ever be able to take hydros again if they are held & passed out by my husband maybe? I know this sounds like the addict in me talking but I noticed where some people posted they were on hydros then sub then back on hydros and then finally got off with hydro & sub???? So, just confused. And what if I was going to have surgery? I know for sure there is one more in my future.

I wrote down some questions/concerns for the doctor. I was told to make sure I took my last hydros 5 hrs. before my appt. and that's what I did but I hope that is enough time to be able to get the sub to work....I mean, I will be hurting at my pain sites but I won't be feeling any withdrawal symptoms besides the wanting to take some pills to get rid of the pain. This is fine, right? I think the doctor said yes since I've been taking 2 hydros every couple hours and he doesn't need me in there with full blown withdrawals.

Here I am jumping ahead again & I will talk to the doc today about this, but "what if" (and here's the addict talking again) I don't get pain relief or I do keep craving? Obviously I probably would need my dose adjusted but what would happen if I was to take a hydro while on the sub? What if the sub doesn't do what it's supposed to do, for me? :eek: I'm worrying too much, I know....I should just get off this computer & go take my shower and in a couple hours I will be at the doctors office!!!! I will stop bothering you guys now and you don't need to respond on this post; I think I was just mainly venting as I'm going to be asking these questions to the doc anyway! But thanks for listening.

I'll be back after my appt., see ya then!

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