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Can you quickly tell me what you are on? Did you go from oxy to hydro and are now on sub? I'm sorry, I still don't know your full story. I have been reading around on the board this morning tho....maybe I'll get to a post of yours that tells it??

Regarding my husband dispensing meds, he would love to be in control that way! :) Yes, I know I could come up with ways to convince him to give me more (you men! ha!) but IF this is the way I end up going, I would have to tell him that NO MATTER what I try to strike a deal with him for, he is NOT allowed to give me more!!!!

The doctor put me on 12 mgs. of sub. When I left his office Fri night, after he had given me 6 tablets, I still felt pain and told the doc about it and he just said "well, if it's bearable, just keep taking until I see you Monday". I guess the pain could be bearable if I was able to lay around all day but I have things to do. And anyway, I didn't want to get on sub so my pain would be bearable, I wanted as close to complete relief as possible. I'm so sick of feeling pain all the time while I'm awake and always dwelling on it!!

I'm hoping the Fisherman comes around since I know for sure he has chronic pain issues that are helped with subutex...I'd like to know the difference with the 2. Oh, do/did you use your insurance for the sub? My ins said it looks like they can pay a portion of visits (want to clarify again) but doctors office said they have no forms for me to take and send to ins???? Need to talk to someone else @ doctors office, I think. Getting some reimbursement would feel a lot better. My ins doesn't cover the medicine tho; they looked it up and didn't even find it so they said they must not cover it.

Well, I definately can't do anything rash as I don't have any hydros. Can I ask one more thing for anyone who knows......IF I should have to or just want to get off the sub and go back the (controlled) hydro route, is this sub doctor able to prescribe to me OR do I just go back to my old pain management doctor as if nothing had happened?

Okay that's enough for now; tummy is growling and family wants food! I do REALLY appreciate those that have taken the time to offer me help, I'm so glad you guys are out there. Hope you have a nice Sunday.

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