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I've never had a problem with addiction (so I hope it's okay that I post here), but I've been taking opiates for awhile now for chronic pain. As far as I know, pure opiate painkillers (those without added Tylenol or Advil) don't have long term damaging effects on your organs. I know that there is no limit on pure opiate dosing for people with chronic pain, as long as they titrate up slowly. Some people are on huge doses of Oxycontin or Avinza or Dilaudid, etc., but I do not think anyone has identified a link between opiate use and organ damage, no matter what the dose. But if you take things like Vicodin or Percocet, then the high amount of Tylenol you ingest can cause serious damage to your GI system, kidneys, liver, and possibly other organs. I hope this helps--either way it's best to stay away from opiates unless you need them for pain, and even then if you need them long-term it's important to take opiates without added Tylenol or Advil.

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