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Hi, Btj,

I am in exactly the same situation and have decided to go with Suboxone, although others here will suggest a detox center and follow-up with NA group meetings. As far as self-help, I have been able to taper..but at a certain point I have such crippling clinical depression that I haven't made it fully. There is a real nice fellow, Philster, on these boards who has specific knowledge for hydro tapers....but I do not know if they apply to oxy. You can try "calling him out" with a separate thread.

Oxy is truly an "evil" turns on you very quickly. With even the smallest amount, it soon demands that your brain receptors be "fed" on schedule. Physically, my body is unable to handle more than a couple of 40 mgs a I do not keep going up in the amount I take. But I do not even get a "high" from them...I just take enough to keep withdrawal at bay. I am desperately hoping the Suboxone will be the first step in relearning how to enjoy life as I once did. And I wish the same for you! Best of luck to you and let us know how things go, Lynn :-)

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