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I havent heard from you in so long. I pray you get off the Sub. The detox is a nightmare. I truly believe unless you get the knowledge you will need by going to a rehab even if you get off the sub- the craving kicks back in and using again is ineveineable. It take Alot of work, no just detox- that really the least of your worries.

There is a whole nother world out there and you wont reach it by being on ANY kind of meds.

I just got back from a 30 day treatment center where I did by detox. I took hydros for 3 yrs. 10/500, 25 a day.

The first two days of detox they gave me phenobarb, quinine, bentyl, clonidine, and phenergan.

Then I started on Suboxone, 6mg for two days 4mg 2 days, 3 mg 2 days, 2 mg 2 days and 1 mg for two days.

I thought I was going to die, or at least I wanted to. For 7 days.

There is a reason for that... Your body wants the opitates. If you are serious about wanting to quit- dont do it on your own. The ugly truth is that you will not be able to safely and for the rest of your life. Don't try detoxing on your own or under a doctor's care from your home. Trust me. You will be right back on the opiates.

I was explained the biological part of this disease. Your survival system shuts down after taking opiates for an extended period of time. Friends, Food, and Sleep are no longer important. What is important is getting more opiates.

And yes, comming off of Suboxone is very, very, very hard. You will have fever, chills, body aches- for up to a year. You will have diarieaa, your head will feel like it's on fire. You will have extreme cravings for opiates, you will want to jump out of your skin.

Unless you have a death wish, don't detox from home. It's dangerous. Who will take your blood presure? Are you going to go see your doctor everyday while you are feeling like you want to die?

Your mind is is powerful thing. If your body, mind, and soul are not on the same page, you will end up using again. I wish you the best Joe. Ive been sober for 35 days and I have good days and bad days- but Im happy, don't have to worry about feeling GUILTY anymore, don't have to worry about counting my pills anymore I FEEL feelings now. I am HERE for my children now, Im not CHEATING my job out of anymore wasted time now.

It feels GOOD TO BE IN MY OWN SKIN,....... finally. The drugs were weighing me down. Try it.... but please check in to a 30 day rehab, any less and you wont get it. Goodluck Joe!



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