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Hi Baseball-
Sorry to jump in..saying hello..and wanted to talk to you bout the sub(been on it for a yr.-no relapses-It you know..
id check out the sub option-short term detox/mait.-3weeks-3 months-or long term maitenance-depending how long you feel you need to be on-
It works well on hardcore dope addicts-so i know its gonna be a charm for norco/hydro etc.
The sub did save our(myself/husband)lives-we were hopelessly addicted to heroin for years-(introduced while touring in our band)-but suboxone didn't just clean us up-it changed our life.Because we didn't have to white knuckle thru each day-we were able to get right into life-he finished his degree/got his business going-moved to a great new apt-had a little$$/etc..
We were always functioning addicts-due to nesscity-kids/bills/car etc..but zero quality of life.
Depending on quality/cost of drugs we were slaves-robotic-living for the next shot.
Now-we are free of the life-the people that went w/ it-we didn't steal-or hurt anyone-but we lost our soul.Well its taken some time-but i can feel again-im writing music/poetry-reading-thinking-connected spiritually.
There are other options-it so personal-AA/NA is good-for many people-rational/smart recovery groups..
I do attend meetings on occassion-many of my friends are very involved in there groups-they do not consider suboxone being clean.
Thats subjective-cos i am not using/copping/etc..i feel its an option-medical treatment for a disease..say what you will-
I needed it-i am happy to be on it-
im not psyched about coming off it-but i know its not going to be as violent as kicking a dope habit-c/t..and ive done that many times-horrorshow.
NY-if you really want out there is a way-
*cold turkey*
you can do it-if you want to -really want out????
My advice-research suboxone-at least for detox-
I couldn't stay clean-either baseball-after i tried to detox-but detox-was just not doing drugs for a week-and kicking down my habit-
This is my first quality year of life in nearly 8 years of addiction-
thanx suboxone-
ggrl :angel:

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