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Re: ADD Vs. Pot!?!
Oct 25, 2004
I can identify.

One main question to ask yourself...does my life suck?

Second I getting high when I don't want to?

I suspect the answer is yes or you wouldn't be posting.

From bitter experience I know pot is totally habit-forming, and difficult to quit. It may not be addictive in the sense of heroin or other opiates, but for years I couldn't go a day without rolling up, and when I wasn't high, I was thinking about getting high.

I'm also ADD.

Pot gave me an initial feeling of relief from ADD. But heavy pot use leaves us ADD'ers scrambled and defenseless from ourselves. Maybe some people can smoke pot...we can't. It's hard enough to control the ADD, impossible when our minds are stupid with pot.

Check out NA and AA. A lot of us AA'ers had major pot problems. I can't talk about NA from experience. AA has a website and a listing of phone numbers of groups in your area.

It is very hard to cure yourself. And the MD's can only take you so far. NA and AA give you the opportunity to talk to people who have the exact same problem you do (and it's free). It's wonderful to know you aren't alone. And these groups aren't for old people down on their luck. You will be shocked to find how many people your age are in these groups. More than half of my AA group is under 28.

I know you are out to lunch. I was too. ADD sucks and pot makes it worse.
Re: ADD Vs. Pot!?!
Oct 25, 2004
thanks for the input!! i have tried local aa and na. only to find that these meetings give an addict more connection to newer drugs to abuse, as well as new people to get high with. i wish this wasn't the case. i live in a rural area. the towns around her offer minimul services to addicts, special needs(ADD consuling). but on the flip side offer volumes of asstience to "those who can afford" to put junior in rehab. it seems that , around here, the people who need help most have no means of recieving any, and the more well off get tons.
the bad get worse and the better get better. thats why i came here.
u know theres a problem with the community on a whole when you have to go online to seek support. thanks for the input, again. manalynn

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