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if everything you've said is true, then i do not think that you're addicted either. if you get no pleasant rush from it, and no urges to take it outside of a medical context, then it seems like you're in good shape. even if you experience physical withdrawal when you don't take your scheduled dosing, that would be considered physical dependence and NOT addiction. i read somewhere that when the body is in pain, the brain uses these painkillers in a different way than when the body is not in pain.

if you're concerned about using them for such a long time (and it seems to be a pretty long time to me), maybe you'd want to get a second opinion from another doctor. this is your right and you shouldn't feel obligated solely to your current doctor. don't sweat it though, from where i'm sitting, you don't seem to be in danger of being addicted, the only thing that would cause a little alarm to me is how long you've been on them.

also, i cannot believe that you don't experience euphoria from hydrocodone! (i believe you, but it just shocks me.) if i reacted the same way, my life would be in a lot better shape right now!

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