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Re: Detox questions
Oct 27, 2004

1. Haven't detoxed I can't say much to help. But...are you sure the Methadone is not being given for just a very short period through the detox process?? Can you and your husband sit down with the person in charge and get all these questions answered, so you won't be so worried?

2. Yes, Suboxone (and Subcutex) are for many a "miracle" drug. There is so much information on this board (in fact, one guy "Baseball" has a post up right now, you can check.)

But--also----type in "suboxone", when a little box comes up after hitting the word "search" on the top of the page (don't hit the entire internet search box, which is great..but you won't get all the personal stories like you will from this Board.) You will get loads of posts about suboxone coming up. Also--you can use the Archives, here. Look for past posts from Goddessgrl, Sammi, Banker. And there are many more.

I plan to try Suboxone, myself, very soon for my opiate addiction. Many people on this board take it (it's a pill) and have been greatly helped. It does has to be tapered off very slowly....but it has been a life saver for those who can't get through the symptoms of withdrawal--i.e., the depression, etc.

Hope your husband is "on the mend" soon. This is hard on BOTH of you. Please keep in touch with us. best, Lynn

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