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Good morning. I was wondering if you read my post to your thread yesterday, it's right b 4 Joe's addiction. I hope you are ok. I know for me it was the hardest when I knew I was truely addicted and when I knew that I was getting ready for a rough ride. And it's also very sad to have to give up your pills. Its becuase our mid brain thinks of them as survival and because physically weve spent so much time counting them before we go out for the day, and we are used to taking something.

Also, if you taper further apart, the only thing you are prolonging is the horrid withdrawls. Stay on the sub until you are ready to quit for once and for all, otherwise its just self torture. And when I was going through that it effected my kids-

I have to tell you something really cool.... last night me and my oldest daughter who is 8 where addressing her birthday invitations. She said some things to me that made me cry. I wrote them down because it made me so proud!

My daughter said I was different. I said "different how?" she said I had a better personality now. She said I pray when I problems come up now, (I did before, but my relationship w/ God has deepened and become sincere.)
She said that my hard work at the hospital I was in paid off !!!!!!! :angel:
And she said God gave me the power to get to the hospital. WOW!
And the thing that also really touched me is she said I spend more time talking to her and her sister now. WOW!!!!! :D

I remember how "disconnected" I felt when I used to read posts from people who were totally clean and sober. I COULD NOT RELATE TO THEM AT ALL!

So Im talking to you as if I wanted someone to talk to me while I was still using , but wanted to stop. I hope Im helping and not get disconnected from you. I can relate. Im a mother who loves my children and at one point was in the depths of the disease but wanting out.

You are in my thoughts,


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