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Re: Addiction
Nov 11, 2004
support him the best you can. he needs help to make it thru this. to find out more about suboxone type it in using the search engine on this site. lots of good info will come up. tell him to sit down in front of the computer and take the time to post himself. this board will provide him with a ton of support. i promise. telling us his story and more importantly how he is feeling right now will be very good for him. dont let him sit there and think about how rotten he feels either. he needs to force himself to do things because it will help his mind deal with this. go for walks when the twitching is bad. dont lie there and suffer, take action. take a hot bath. it will help with the skin crawling sensations. its temporary so several baths a day as hot as you can stand are good. its important to keep him as busy as you can. muscle relaxers are a good thing to take, use them if you have them. a valium or two or a couple xanax thruout the day will also improve the situation as well. just be safe with them if you go that route! take it slowly with them.

he can get thru this. withdrawal rarely lasts more than a week. hes got a few more days to go and hes home free. getting off the narcotic and getting thru withdrawal will make him feel higher than he ever got on the drug. take it minute by minute when it gets bad. i would strongly suggest attending an NA meeting each night indefinitely. [B]sharing his feelings with other addicts [/B] will bring him the best kind of support. recovery is serious business. help him devote all his power to get thru this and you two will be so happy you wont believe it. go for it you guys. tell him to put his mind to it and dont look back. hes so close! [B]just a few more days[/B]!

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