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Nov 11, 2004
hello my name is julie and im a newbie ive posted about my withdrawel from 5 years os vicodin use and weather ultram (1 per day) is not a good idea or may make things worse when they are gone (1left) they do seem to lessen the wds. im 86 hours into wds and i feel like crap i have a limited # of xanax to help ( but there will be no refills) and ive had some to drink to get me this far. drinking has never been my doc and i would go years between drinks but i realize its a slipperrry slope and the alcohol must go right after wds. my question is will there be light soon when my feet hit the floor this morning i knew it wouldnt be a good day i did get done what needed to be done, kids lunches, hubby lunch, its garbage night, etc,etc, i guess im just being a baby but when you get up to make a lunch and when you are done you can barely make it to the chair im scared, i hate myself for taking that 1st pill yet i feel ,like i want 100 i guess im looking for encouragement or advice just a down day for me. any responses are appreciated!!!!! julie

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