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Just some advice for those of you with withdrawl symptoms. I know everybody has their own remedies to help relieve w/d symptoms but here is some more to help anyone that needs it. It is sad to say but I know first hand how hard it is to W/D from narcotics. Over the past 10 years I have taken my share of pills. I was addited to Methadone for 2 1/2 years taking 1-2 10 mg tablets a day which doesn't seem like a lot to some of you but let me tell ya the W/D were a LIVING HELL for weeks and months. It took me a long time to be "Normal" again. I don't care what anyone says I thought I would die from the withdrawls but I made it through. Then on to Percocet for a couple years-cold turkey'd them and then on to Lortab/Vicodin and I have quit them to. So it CAN be done. It is so easy to switch additions because the pain is so bad you end up getting hooked on something else trying to take the pain away from what ever it is your trying to get off of. Anyway, I have found a few things that REALLY worked for me. I didn't take these all at once just one here and there to help me get through the day without over-medicating myself. 1.Comtrex Cold and Flu they have the pills for day time and night time and found in many stores. They work great and help you sleep. 2. Vitamins EVERYDAY. 3. Asprin or just 2 500mg night for leg cramps. 4. Jim Beam if you are not taking a lot of meditcation that is. It will help you get over that hump to the next day! 5. Benadryl works Wonders for sleep. 6. Forcing yourself to try to eat, drink, hot bathes and exercise. Last but not least I am sure, if you can get to a doctor and ask him to give you Catapress Patches(Clonodine) that will help also. Just a few suggestions for those of you in need. A good book to keep your mind off everything is helpful too! Of course you should'nt take all those things together and I am by no means a doctor just wanted to let you know the things I could think of off the top of my head that helped me. Good luck to everyone. It's one day at a time but it CAN be done if you put your mind to it. Rachel from Tampa...

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