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Hi Sara,
Like you, I came off of benzos and percocet after years and years of abuse and it literally did take many, many months before I felt OK again. (Yes, it can be almost a year in some cases). With pills, they call it post-accute withdrawal or as i learned in rehab "paw", the accute withdrawal is over, but there is still work our bodies have to do to rebalance itself and heal. Our nervous systems are still out of wack, natural endorfins aren't reproducing as they use to. Don't expect to feel normal yet. Something I've heard in the rooms is that expectations are a setup for resentments and disappointments. Not to say, every day will be so tough, but there will be days that you just have to put your seat belt on. Make extra meetings, talk to G-d a little bit longer and accept that there will be times when you will be uncomfortable. Pray for the willingness to be uncomfortable! Another thing I was told (16 years clean and sober and btw, I was a drunk too ... Percodan and scotch and zanax and that was when I thought I was being "good" and staying away from "harder" drugs! :rolleyes: Anyway, it was suggested to me to think the drink/pill through. Not just to the good part, (pain relief, an hour of feeling well, the high, whatever but all the way to where it took you and to pain you were in before going to rehab. think about your daughter. Remember you never have to go through these 59 days again... You are doing great even if you feel lousy today! Please-Don't quit 5 minutes before the miracle!
What other things can you do to help alleviate your back pain? Ibuprofin? hot steamy baths? message or accupunture? I also have a bad back and currently neck and shoulder tendinitis so I recently went to a new doctor for help. Have you been to a doctor yet for a good checkup? I don't know what you back condition is, but I know stress only makes it worse.
Keep it simple Sara, really....that slogan helped me so much! Easy does it too. There is no rush in this game. Keep yourself comfortable and try not to overstress by things you cannot change. I'm not one to feel rushed through the steps, the first 3 are the most revelant to get you through your first 90 days. Do you go to a meeting everyday? Here in NYC, we suggest 90 meetings in 90 days.
The cravings will eventually get less and less. I promise you! You're doin great hon. Remember that and pat yourself on the back for staying clean for the past 59 days! You may have fallen off the pink cloud they talk about with newbies, but this is your reality and you can stay clean too! There is no situation that can arise that using will make better~only worse.
You're on your way Sara. Please, don't quit before the miracle. OK? Please stay in touch.
El :angel:

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