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People have gotten addicted to Xanax and other benzos in a manner of a few months. I was very addicted after about one year of use. After all my research there appears to be no ryme or reason to these drugs. You do not know how long it takes to get addicted, how hard it will be to come off, or how bad or how long the withdrawals will last. It is very possible that after just 4 months you could stop cold or taper over about a month and suffer nothing more than your old insomnia. If so, rejoice at your huge fortune and move on. If not, well put the drugs back in and taper. A switch to Valium and a slow regime is preferred. Is great to see so many on the net are in tune to the Ashton Manual! It is the best source avaliable about these drugs. Myself, took me a year to finally get off the stuff. Am two months off now and still have real problems, though some hours here and there are good. I cannot work. You want to avoid as much discomfort as you can. So I`d get off now if not addicted yet. If you try a fast taper and are addicted, believe me, you will know it. You will freak and shake. In that case, re-instate this stuff and go with plan B. My take.

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