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A nurse from my doctor's office just called me and said that the doctor wants me to pick up some valium too. Is the catapres and valium going to help?

You know I am getting myself completely worked up and nervous about this. This is nobody's fault but my own. I can either continue to be an addict or I can make a decision to do the right thing no matter how uncomfortable I feel.

So I am going to stop whining and be a man and deal with this head on. I will let you all know how I am doing during the week. Thank you all for the good comments. Today will be my last day of vikes. I want to start tommorrow because if I can hit the tail end of the week then the weekend may be better to go through the first couple of days.

Cody...don't go back to tapering now....just tackle the C/T head on!!! I promise it won't be that bad. I got off of more than that a day and it really wasn't all that bad. Get some immodium and Gatorade for the runs. That was my major complaint. I have tapered before and it DOES help in the end. You will feel foggy, runs, crabby, moody, and tired but full of anxiety. The valium will help with alot of those symptoms. Don't go back now, you made your mind up so DO IT!!! Mind over matter and keep busy or use that valium as prescribed to "sleep off" the next few days. Stay focused, it won't be all that bad!

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