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In Recovery,
I know you must be scared. I was. I was embarressed but did not want to give up my relationship w/ my bestfriends- the pills. It was a love- hate relationship. Pills are the hardest to get off of, so easily available- so easy to stash in your pocket and everytime you feel the urge- pop! No bad taste like alcohol. I had to tell my ex husband, and explain to my kids I was allergic to pills so I went away for 30 days- to get closer to God- and to learn how to not take medicine. They understood it then. Before that they just thought I was "edgy" all the time.

I just back from a treatment center. They not only treated my withdrawls- and I safely got off of hydros (20 a day), and treated the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical aspect of the disease. I had no idea it is a geneatic disease. I did not spell that right. I have two children and I was a mess before I went to treatment.

Do you ever watch Dr. Phil? The place I went is on his website. I know alot depends on the place you go. There were folks I met in treatment who went to other places and they landed back because of relapse- because some places do not treat the spiritual side- or give tools for a lifelong recovery.
They will also test your liver- mine was surprisingly okay.

You have a lot of choices to make. Do you read? There is a book called "when pain pills become dangerous" by drew pensky.
Helped me. I read it while in treatment.

I will be praying that you have the strengh and courage to make good choices, and I will be here in case you want to talk.

There is a thread I posted about two months ago, something about "Im off to Rehab" Read it if you have a chance - it talks about my circumstances before rehab which were a lot like yours- and it has different opinions on there too.

Maybe that would help you.

I did take suboxone while I was in treatment- but only for 7 days- suboxone does have opiates in it. Very tricky- have a doctor explain.

You can also call an addiction doctor and ask about detox and tools to stay off the pills. I was the one who said Id never go to meetings- I can't wait to go now. But its a process. Im only 70 days clean- and I can't say its been rosey. Ive have way ups and way downs.

But I wake up every morning without a hangover- and Im there for my kids now- and I dont spend all day counting pills before I go anywhere.

Hang in there, and know there are people who support you!

Love and Support,


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