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Can anyone please share with me what the issues are that one has to confront after "detox"? I wrote in about a month ago after an unsuccessful attempt to stop using Suboxone. I endured five days of terrible pain and couldn't hold out. Thanks to all of you who responded before with your stories and encouragement. Since then, my husband and I have decided to go the "rapid detox" route. I have an appointment next week at a hospital to go through the rapid detox procedure. They (the doctors at the hospital) requested that I switch from Suboxone to Hydrocodone because they say it's much more difficult to do the procedure with Suboxone. I had been on Oxycontin for four years, switched to Suboxone in April, then on to the Hydrocodone for the past two weeks. (Which, by the way, sucks, because I have to take pills every few hours not to feel "withdrawl-ey".)

My concerns are not so much about the procedure, but what about what I've been told one experiences after detox. After going through this costly procedure, I want my life back! I want to at least know what I may experience, such as cravings for a narcotic, so that I can know what kind of mental struggle this may be. If the temptation will be there to "use" again, how can I prepare or equip myself to fight it? I plan to continue counselling when I get back. Can anyone share anything else? It would be greatly apprecated.
Thank you for asking what happened! I did go through the r**** detox procedure on December 10th. Even with the procedure, it took at least four weeks to really feel "better" and "normal". I awoke from the procedure with my receptors reset "back to day one" and about 20% of withdrawls. They also prescribed meds like Clonodine, sleeping pils, pills to help with stomach upset, etc. However, taking all those pills at once with similar side effects, i.e., drowsiness, dizziness, lack of energy, dry mouth, etc. I feel didn't help with speedy recovery. Quite frankly, it still was hell. I felt terrible through the new year, but slowly, after about 30 days, started feeling like a human again. (I also came down with Bronchitis and a sinus infection, which didn't help matters.)

I am very happy and relieved to be just myself again. It's not always easy dealing with life "on it's own terms," but far better than going through life sedated. I mean this; I would rather deal with my daily pain, physical and mental, than go through any of that ever again.


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