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hey pearce and goddess,

well, what ive read about subutex, is that its a receptor specific opiate. which means its considered an antagonist(makes you sick) AND an agonist(properties that make youo painfree and high). methadone, is a complete agonist. created by the germans in pre-war germany i believe (maybe during the war, the germans also discovered hydrocodone and hydromorphone and the Oxy family as well.) well, the advantage of methadone, is its half life, which has to be more than 24hrs.. so instead of spending time scoring or working on getting drugs you have one good dose.. once a day. leveling the amount of money and substance you take a day. unfortunantly.. it does nothing to help you get off the drugs.. infact it makes the withdrawal longer, because of its long half life. i've heard many times in my life that methadone is much harder to kick than any other opiate.. most likely with the exclusion of LAAM, or i think they called it OrLAAM, brand name which was like methadone in the same family as levorphanol.. anyhow, this alternative lasted 3 DAYS! instead of 1 day like methadone does.. so youo only had to take your drugs once every 3 days.. but it also made it jsut as hard to get off it as well.. if it keeps you painfree or high for 3 times longer its going to take 3 times longer to get off. as for SUBUTEX.. its half life is just as long if not longer than methadone, something like 24 to 36 hrs. and its receptor specific.. ill try to explain this as correct and simple as ive learned so far..

your body has 3 types of opiate receptor sites. only 3 ways, or keyholes, for your body to get painfree/high.. only 3 types of receptors. there are 2 small types and one big one. the small ones are called mu and theta, and the big one is called kappa. 3 types of opiate receptors, mu (small) theta (small) and kappa (large). pain killers fill all the receptors, and when you fill them, your body stops making its natural pain killers. so when you stop taking pain killers all the pain receptors are empty.. hence your pain. SUBUTEX only fills the small receptors mu and theta.. and leaves the big receptor, kappa, empty. so, you dont hurt because the subutex is a pain killer too, but since it leaves one receptor empty your body begins to make endorphines to fill the gap.. so while you take SUBUTEX, your body begins to catch up and make its own pain killers. so after a while if taking SUBUTEX, your body has caught up making endorphines.. and then when you stop taking SUBUTEX instead of you not having natural pain killers, youve been making them. methadone fills all the receptors, so when you stop taking methadone, you have no natural painkillers.. and you will go into withdrawal. you have to titrate down (not sure what word to use), you taper down methadone slowly.. very slowly, trying to make the pain as bearable as possible.. uunlike subutex. ive heard of people getting off subutex as soon as 2 weeks!


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