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Hi all, I am hoping for some advice and some answers to some questions i have. Without writing a book first i will say that i classify myself as an addict. I herniated discs in my neck about 3 years ago and that is when it all started. I had surgery on my neck in April of this year which just seems to have made the pain worse. I also have back and hip pain as well. So basically right now my doc is treating me for chronic pain. The doc is wondering if some of the pain is coming from the meds themslf. I WANT OFF THE MEDS!!!!! I am severely depressed and mood is up amd down all the time. I know that i am clearly addicted to hydro. About 8 months ago my doc started me on Duragesic patches, BIG MISTAKE!!!! I am to the point that i am miserable with the pills and miserable without them. I want to me normal. Like a read in a previous post, i look around and wonder how everyone functions without pills. I am to the point i cant function with them or without them. I never have a constant supply because i live in a very rural area, so i go through w/d alot. Then these rotten patches i am on, they are to be changed every 3 days, they wear off in 2 so i w/d for a little while until it is time to put the next one on. I am already starting to wean off the patches slowly, i have only one more lower dose then it will be cold turkey. I wanted to know what the difference is between Subutex and Suboxone, if any? I also wondered if it would even be an option for me because of the patches? Lastly, what type of Dr. do i see to be evaluated for it? I am sooooo in a bad position because i dont have health insurance. It probably wouldnt even be an option for me seeing how i live in such a rural place. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you, ValleyGurl

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