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I'm a firm believer that NO benzodiazapene should be taken for a long period of time,and if it is required to be taken for a long period of time you need to be carefully monitored by a doctor.NO,Xanax may not be addictive to EVERYBODY,but it DOES cause a PHYSICAL dependancy when taken for a long period of time,there's no way around it.And yes,benzo withdrawal,especially after quite a long time on it,is VERY dangerous,and should NEVER be done cold turkey.Perhaps there HAS been some people who've been able to cold turkey off of it after a period of dependancy,but I WILL repeat, for the most part,it can be very dangerous.NOPE, not meant to scare anyone,and if it is prescribed and you absolutely need it,take it as prescribed.It does have therapeutic value,especially for severe panic and anxiety disorders,but don't up your dose without consulting your doctor,and take it ONLY when needed.No, not every one that takes Xanax or other benzo's becomes addicted or develops a dependancy(remember there is a difference between the two),but it's potential for abuse and dependancy is something to be aware of,and you should educate yourself about meds you put into your body,especially these kind.Clinically, benzo withdrawal,especially after LONGTERM use/abuse,is the WORST withdrawal you can go thru.I detoxed and cleaned up from a 40-50 pill/day habit of Ultram,and Knowing the nightmare my OWN recovery has been,benzo detox is the one I fear the most.So be educated,be aware,and take your meds only as prescribed!!


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