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Re: Tramadol Advice
Dec 16, 2004
Hi Stacie :wave:
Thanks for your informative post regarding Ultram and congratulations on your upcoming one year anniversary! That's a beautiful thing! I too am finding myself a "victim" (though I usually hate that word!) of misinformed doctors about the addictive nature of this med. I was originally rx'd it as an alternative to the opiates because of my opiate addiction history and my fear of readdiction. Before being discharged from the hospital after my 2nd of 4 surgeries I requested to see a PM specialist for this sole purpose and because it is a suggested "guideline" in my program of recovery. Ultram was prescibed as a non-narcotic which I felt safe about taking. Anyway, as a result of these 4 surgeries as well as arthritis pain I have used it on and off for approx. 3 years. It is currently being rx'd by my oncologist for post radiation damage and pain. It was here on this board back in Aug or Sept that I first I learned about it's addictive properties! I am currently working very hard to keep my dose at 2 per day and have been on this dose for a couple of months. I feel horrible when I have tried to lower that even by just a half pill (25mg.). Since I also suffer from severe clinical depression and am in the process of trying a new AD med, I thought I would try to hold off my attempt to taper again until this depression has lifted a bit.
Like I said, I am also in recovery and celebrated 16 years clean and sober this past Aug. I have never abused this med and take even less than is prescribed. I would though like to try to get off it at some point (like I said, when this depression lifts!) and would love any input you or anyone else may have on the best way to go about it. I know 100-125mg daily is not a huge dose but fear some of the cognitive damage you were referring to as well as knowing that once again a drug has a hold on me, no matter how innocently it may have happened I still find myself blaming myself! Any particular taper plan, etc???? I would appreciate any thoughts or support.

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