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i'm not doing this alone. i go to therapy twice a week, my parent knew about and helped me recover from my first problem with vicodin, but this time he does not know. my therapist suggested Milk Thistle because 1. it will supposedly help cleanse my liver of toxins and 2. protect it for the Cymbalta i'm going on, which can cause liver damage...i'm a little confused by your post though, because i AM trying to get off and stay off of everything...unless you consider anti-depressents and vitamins to be substance abuse...i'm glad to hear how well you're doing, i don't think i'd ever turn back if i touched heroin. it's weird, but right now, about 12 hours after i had my last vicodin, i don't feel any physical withdrawel. LAST TIME i got hooked, i was taking them for almost one year, and the withdrawel pains were horrendous (cold turkey). right now i feel fine...i had only gotten back into them for about a month after my three months of sobriety, so i see this as a serious but not devastating slip up...
im confused about what you're trying to say as far as when you were younger and trying to quit...if it is that i should try to get and stay off of everything, that's what i'm doing...please respond asap thanks[/QUOTE]
Yes , staying off of everything is good. I confuse myself when I get to writing. Lol. I think what I was getting at is that it was harder when I was younger. I tried a lot of times but being so young it was really hard to picture the rest of my life with not even a beer with the family.

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