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Dear Jack,
I would be happy to share my experience with you. I think if you click on my name it will give you the option to read my posts. Go to the very first one in November and it explains my Suboxone experience. In a nutshell, I began taking it to try and come off off a four year oxycontin addiction. I was able to make the switch, (14 Oxys daily to one 6 mg Suboxone), but when I attempted weaning off the Suboxone six months later, I experienced severe withdrawls, which I was unable to endure and continuted using that drug. In desperation, I found a rapid detox facility on the Internet and just had the procedure done one week ago. (They detox you under anesthesia.) Interestingly enough, when I first called and explained that I couldn't stop taking the Suboxone, they recommended that I switch to Hydrocodone for at least two weeks pre-procedure because the Suboxone is harder to get off the nerve receptors. I know Suboxone has been helpful to so many people, but for me personally, it was as bad as the rest of them when it came to ultimately detoxing off the narcotics. One doctor explained to me that one reason Suboxone works so well for getting people off other opiates is because it "does it's job so well;" that is, it has a real affinity for those nerve receptors. But others here have detoxed using it. I can only conclude that everyone has a different situation, body chemistry, issues, etc. My experience detoxing has been difficult and painful. But I'm doing it. :bouncing:

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