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Hi Lynn-
Thanks for checkin' in on yer ol' pal..ive been under the weather-physically(weird flu/or dog went to the vet..hes not well-the cold is a drag for him(pugs hate the cold)-menapuse/depression/and argueing w/ my mate.
Can i also add my ED is turning around..and im having problems eating..(theres a diet for ya!)..ive been beating myself up so much for gaining weight food is now making me nauseous..
WOODY where are you??? such a kvetch..
I think i took Too little sub the other day-and i got sick..uhoh..could this be the bad part of hubbs on 2 mgs..and says its starting to not feel he needs more.
Going down in these low doses is a little strange..Let the fun begin..
After the holidays thank you..
Yep-im feelin scrooge-y..and i don't like it.
No energy-still haven't got my tree.
Are you gagging yet?
now that im done wanna go...Go ahead..
Hows the sub treating you?
You said-kinda flat..yes..its a weird segue the pills of glory to the pills of nil..but ultimately you'll be loving it-as the Lynn of yore..comes to the forefront-and the obsession dissapates.
Im really happy for you-it takes time-but you are 'going w/ the flow of it..or so it seems from your posts..
its kind of scary reading carol kinchs post about going for rapid detox to get off the sub-this is what frightens me-but if i need to take a week or two of hydro to detox easier-cos the bupe hangs on longer..ill do it.
Just no heroin..and if i need a detox..ill go..
it won't be for at least 3/4 months till im off-early i can have a narcotic free summer..
i wish you the best-you and alice-are you going skiing/any plans?
I may be coming to NyC soon-to see my son perform..maybe...
New york is great at xmas time-i have a love of that city..
Hugs to both you girls..

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