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Dear Marilyn and Ggrl,

Thank you so very much for your replies! And your kind words and support. Ggirl this is the funniest thing but I've been sneezing constantly! Is that part of withdrawl? I could not have ever fathomed how important it is to hear from people who have been there and understand. Marilyn, don't apologise! From what I am hearing, everyone is different and responds differently to going through detox. The doctor at the detox hospital was very suprised that "with the amount of drug I was taking" I wasn't feeling much better a few days later. He detoxed a 50 year old man the same day as me and the guy was back at work three days later. The doctor wasn't a jerk about it, but I guess everyone heals differently.

This is day eleven for me, and actually, what both you gals suggested is true: I have tried easing off on the amount of meds for stomach upset, withdrawl etc. and felt more "able" today. The Clonodine works but man makes you comatose. The achiness and fatigue are still really prevalent, but they also seem ever so slightly more tolerable every day. Today, the only meds I took were 1/4 of a Valium in the a.m. (for anxiety) and 1/2 an anphetamine all day, plus a Pepcid. They sent me home with at least ten bottles of meds, no lie. I have spoken to the hospital staff almost every day, and they assure to me basically "stick to the program" and that the fatigue starts to lift after about two weeks. I hope and pray!

I think the Ultra Rapid Detox is a godsend, but everyone experiences it differently. This is something I just had to do. There was never a "good" time, Christmas or not.

Gots to go feed the kids.

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