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Hi TR,
I am pretty familiar with what you're talking about,and this is part of the "side effects" of the healing your body (brain especially) has to go thru to return to a some what normal balance.I have the "PAWS" syndrome,probably what a lot of recovering addicts go thru,and it lasts up to a year.(Post-acute withdrawal syndrome).I know that especially after getting clean from coke,you are at a real risk for experiencing major depression,not including the damage that was done by the opiates.I will be one year clean in February,and I have just recently started to feel somewhat better-I have had a LOT of internal anxiety,coupled with major fatigue,no motivation,irritability,etc.I've been taking b-complex,a few thousand mgs. of vitamin C and 200-300 mgs. of D,L Phenylalaine.Trying to change my diet,get extra fresh air (when I feel sluggish and depressed,I'll walk out side and just sit for a few minutes,it always seems to make me feel a little better,especially the cold air.)These are small things,I think recovery from major addictions can be a slow and somewhat frustrating process,but there can be quite a lot of damage our body has to repair,and it takes quite a while.I don't know if you've thought about antidepressants,or are already taking them,but they might help,especially for the first year of recovery.I really don't think you're going to go into full blown dementia,even though you may feel like it right now.I have also experienced some pretty significant memory problems since getting clean,also my eyesight has gotten worse,and I have A LOT of difficulty focusing and concentrating,although actually that has started to improve in the last month or so.So,although its been said many times(hehe),hang in there,give your body the time it needs to heal,and you will gradually start to feel better.In the meantime,be kind to yourself,take care of yourself.Many times,I would feel so bad that I questioned why I wanted to keep staying clean,I felt so miserable.But I have noticed with the passing of each day,week,month,I'm slowly starting to get comfortable in my own skin again-not all the way there yet-but I can feel things changing.So,just keep going,believe in yourself,and you WILL start to feel better.You ARE pretty young,which is a great thing to have on your side,because the older you get,the worse this stuff is.Hang tough,you WILL get thru this!!Take care,


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