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hey, i was a heavy smoker as well, extremely heavy for about 3 years, 2 blunts + every night or more....i didnt take notice that it was all i was doing till it was time to quit.....i would rush off work to go to my friends and smoke, i would stay till 2am then go back home to go to sleep....same thing every day, i started to notice these feelings that were very strange to me, scary even. I would go to work and it felt like someone was controling my body as i would and i would just be sitting on the side watching, (i work as a night grocer and stock shelves) when im working i think back and wonder how i rememebred where the item was located and cant put two and two togather. i quit 14 days ago and day 1 was easy, days 2-8 were very intense...i had this zoned "zombie" feeling all night at work, and to make this worse i would have bad panic attacks to the point that i thought i had cancer, i didnt need any evidence to convince me... im on day 14 now and its not as bad but i only get these zombie feeling at the end of my shift at work, but that could be due to the withdrawal + being tired from work. Right now i have a bit of the feeling mainly because i didnt get much sleep yesterday and i just got off work. I found it helpful to actualy do research and ****** "marijuana withdrawals" and read, while its a guide it also in interesting, what i went through is apparently normal and am only half way done according to the articles, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of apitite, lack of concentration, loss of short term memory, panic attacks, those are all mental symptoms, while there are a few physical those probaly wont be noticed due to the intensity of the mental.... quote "...cessation of marijuana can cause withdrawal simular to that or nicotine or heroin..." each person is different and i hope i helped you in some way, just by sharing this information has helped me relax, and just get online and TALK to someone...just telling them about it helps a great deal.. the physical ones that you will notice are the night sweats and occassional nightmeres... good luck and feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to someone who knows what your going through, [email][email protected][/email] :)

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