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you're my role model man. good luck to you... i saw a doctor and got vicodin prescribed, this is the last time he can give me a script. i have to slowly get off of these to ease the OC withdrawl i'd be having right now. the withdrawls are so painful and i cannot go through every day life with them. not sure how long its going to last, but i start classes tomorrow... cold turkey is hard, ive done it for a day or two, then relapsed. only have been on OC's for a few months, but it's a crazy drug... the worst thing that happend to me. sooo are u clean now?

any feedback would be appreciated. thanks man, good luck and be safe.
wow. i know what you mean man. good luck with all of that. i know how hard it is not to take any OC's. I have 2 80's left right now, in my drawer.. I didnt do anything yest, anything today... havent done anything with them in there a couple of days. They've been getting sold, from over 20 of them.. down to 2 and i didnt take any.

Weds/Thurs - was only taking 10mg at a time to stop the pains. 2-3 times a day.
Thurs- I told my mother about OC's...problem
Fri- I tried taking 10mg in the morning before doctors appointment. he prescribed me to 14 Vicodin 7.5mg, ordered 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. I was taking 2 and 2...just to deal with the pain.
Sun- I did about 15mg with my ex-girlfriend :(
Mon- New script... 30 Vicodin's. 1 AM and 1 PM, im supposed to be doing. Im still doing 2 and 2, im going to go down to 1 and 2.. 1 and 1.. 1, etc after about a week.
Tues---CLEAN! so far...and wont be using today.

its hard, we have to stick thru it. cold turkey is even harder and much much more painful. id ont know how u do it, so i look up to you man. gimme a daily, hourly update if u can haha. im in my early 20's..22 exact. we can both do this! **** it, i dont know you... but i feel for everyone in the same boat as me.
Peace--and be safe!

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