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[QUOTE=Michelela25][COLOR=Red]Hello, I was searching the web and cam across this great site. I was wondering if anyone could help taper of norco 10/325. I've cut down to about 10 a day just in the past two days. before that I couldn't tell you how many I was taking. I wanted or needed them, I would pop two or three. I've wrote it all down and have got it down to 2 pills every 3 to 3.5 hours, until I go to bed, then start the routine all over again once I get up around 6 am. I'm in desperate need to get off this stuff. It's eating my life and wallet away. Well, basically it already has. I have two children and they need to be my priority and I've noticed as time has passed and my pills have increased, they take second stage to the pills needed and their effects. Any help scheduling and help with withdrawls would be sincerely appreciated. I'm very scared of going cold turkey, scared of the withdrawls and scared to let anyone see me in that condition. I don't want to have to go to a rehab if at all possible, I've heard bad things about that also. I got myself here. I need to get my self off of this ride. Again any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]undefined[/COLOR] :confused:[/QUOTE]

I have been in your exact position.
Don't go cold turkey, and in my opinion, tapering does not work.
If you cant go to rehab, go to an MD.
Thats what I did and he put me on methadone the same day, and it worked for me.
I am 2 months clean . (Not saying that would be the way to go for you.)
Really no desire at all for the pills unless something triggers my mind then I crave them, but only for a short time...............
I also spent tons of money on the pills..
For your kids sake, you need to check in on your options to quit.
Sounds like you are doing a good job cutting down though, and you really want to quit. thats great, but sometimes we need some outside help, like an MD.
Tapering CAN work, if you have the strength and stick to it. Most people Cannot do it though. I have done the taper to get me off of Mscontin and Dilaudid. I haven't taken any in months and I barely had withdrawels. It did take me 2 months though. I was on high doses of it. Good luck to you keep us posted. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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