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Hi Everyone.
I am fairly new to the board. I've read post's the past couple of weeks but just joined. I guess it's easier to see that other people feel the same pain as I do. Not that it's easy to see people go through any pain. (Pain meaning physical and addictive). Well I've been taking Oxy's for about 4 years now for pain and physcological of course. Anywhere from 160 to 320 mg's orally a day, plus Fetynal Pops for break through at 34 years old. I never got an exact diagnosis of what I had. I was told I had Fibromyalgia, Fractured Vertebrae, Torn Rotator Cuff, Scholiosis, Degenerative Disk Disease, just not 1 doctor to tell me what I had, just to write prescripts along with 1000's of injections in my back. They never wrote me enough or stuck me enough. So I bounced doctors and brought pills off the street. When the pain (physical and mental) got worse the more I took, the more I took the happier I got. As you all know spending every dollar I made. I make pretty good money. I have 3 beautiful kids, an understanding ex wife, and a beautiful girlfriend who deals with all this BS. I'm a functional addict. I came to my senses on Christmas Day - NO MORE!!!! My kids need a father that is happy from the joy they bring me alone, not the joy along with pain relief and a high. The thing is I could never Cold Turkey or Taper off. Just to painful for me.

I am scheduled for tomorrow to go for the Buprenorphine Detoxification. Rapid Detox is to exspensive. Although I will push to Rapid detox with Buprenorphine if the doctor agrees. I have the will power not to go back and just to go forward. I made that promise to myself for myself. I know me, that if I don't touch another pain killer after tomorrow I NEVER WILL. I will deal with pain in other ways. It's all mental control, the power of love that family and friends have to offer after that, and support from people like you. I am trying not ramble on.

My Questions are:
Has anybody done this Detox yet?
Has it been successful for you?
I know it's still an Opioid with a blocker.

One last thing. I am sorry if I come across as all about me and a long post. I'm new to posting and new to the reality check that I'm Opiate Addicted. I have a big heart and when I get through this I will be here to help others get through their's the best I can.

I cannot wait to hug my kids and my girlfriend for the first time drug free.

Thank you all......

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